Finishing equipment

Complete range of equipment for high quality garment treatments

021 / 025 / 022 / 023 / 050 / 051

Professional ironing tables

Universal machines with suction, blowing and steaming tables for laundries, dry cleaners, knitwear factories, hotels and communities.

Professional universal ironing table
030 / 030C

Spotting tables

Equipment made from top quality materials and components, with double stain removing guns.

Stain removal machine
2300 / 2480

Professional ironing presses

Equipment that provides excellent and steady ironing quality with minimal operator fatigue.

Universal ironing press
040 / 042 / 043

Trouser press topper

Equipment for quick and easy ironing of jeans and casual trousers made from any type of fabric.

Trouser press topper
2130 / 2131

Combined ironing machine

Equipment with a compact design for small to medium-sized laundries, hotels and communities.

Combined ironing machine
2130 / 2131

Professional ironing dummies

Ironing dummies capable of guaranteeing high quality ironing of shirts, jackets, vests and smocks.

Professional ironing dummies
2130 / 2131


The perfect equipment for ironing garments

Combined ironing equipment
2130 / 2131

Ozone sinitizing cabinet

Powerful, natural, safe and fast closed-loop system for sanitising and removing odours.

Ozone sinitizing cabinet
Small pro

It is a specific line of washing machines tailored to the needs of MPIs (micro and small enterprises) offering the right balance between professional results and small size.