Large drying ironer

GC2050 - 2650 - 3350: single-sided or through-feed machines

GC2050 - 2650 - 3350 Large Calenders

Simultaneous ironing and drying

These large drying ironers can be used by one or two operators, in single-sided and wall-mounted mode, or, with the longitudinal folding option, it is also possible to add the exit of the ironed and folded linen at the back, to transform it in a through-feed machines.

Thanks to the wrapping of the NOMEX® bands over the entire roller surface, the ironing and drying quality is very high. The introduction of the linen is made easier thanks to the presence of the dragging straps. Insertion width here are 200 ÷ 260 ÷ 330 cm.

Calender introduction bands

Safety first

The large drying ironers are equipped with different safety systems to protect the operator and the machine's functionality such as the safety thermostat that prevents unwanted overheating (electric and gas models) and the roller advancement speed , adjustable between 1m/min and 8m/min, controlled by the inverter technology. There is also the finger guard band to preserves the operator in the event of incorrect manoeuvres and the manual device to keep the roller rotating and eject the linen in the event of a power failure. Lastly,  a standard ignition and control system for the radiant gas burner via electronic control unit. A roller with a chrome surface is available on request.

Electronic control system

The electronic control system, standard on the entire range, offers:
easy to use 7" touch screen
37 languages available
5 preset programmes, possibility to create unlimited ones
USB connection: traceability, data analysis

Precise speed control enables better temperature and cost control. The digital thermostat for temperature selection allows constant visual control of the temperature reached (models with electric or gas heating). In models with steam heating, the temperature can be displayed.

Control of single-front or pass-through calenders
Calender: simultaneous ironing and drying
Calender control system

Functions available on request

On request it is possible to have automatic adjustment of the ironing speed according to the level of residual moisture detected in the linen, thanks to a moisture sensor. The operator will therefore not have to adjust the ironing speed manually.

Also optional is the ironing speed of up to 15 m/min + feed aid by speed reduction when the fabric is inserted. Thanks to variable speed management, the machine adapts its speed during ironing, combining performance, productivity and quality. Three modes are available to combine high productivity and excellent drying quality:

A) Quality: variable speed for drying quality + power assistance

B) Standard: variable speed for neutral humidity + power assistance

C) Fast: variable speed for humidity with productivity + introduction assistance

Optional gas radiant heating system

On request, it is possible to equip the drying ironerswith a radiant burner: the heat is recovered by convection and radiation, which makes the equipment more efficient.


For the same gas consumption, hourly output increases by 25%, saving time and energy. Radiant burners can be used in high-altitude locations without oxygen level problems, thus greater installation flexibility.

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