Professional ironers

Perfect ironing in every respect


GI professional ironers

Designed around the roller and the basin, the new GI (Grandimpianti Ironers) ironers, with their innovative MCTS (Multipoint Contact Thrust System) and PLS (Pull-wire Lifting System), offer improved ironing results, increased productivity and optimized work space.


Automatic roller ironers

The S100-120-140/25 ironing machines are medium size appliances, ideal for the professional treatment of flat linen, equipped with an extruded and anodised aluminium ironing surface.

S25 roller presses

Ironing machines

The excellent quality of the ironing surface of our S160-200/30 ironers, is guaranteed by its material, which is able to quickly reach the desired temperature and maintain it over the entire length.

S30 ironing mangers

Large ironers

The patented ironing basin is made of extruded and anodised aluminium, with the heating elements directly inserted into the profile, to guarantee maximum heat output. The roller pressure adjustment system is standard and optimises the quality of ironing in every situation.

S40 large ironers