Gentlewash treatment of delicate garments

PROFESSIONAL TREATMENT of delicate garments

Gentlewash® is a professional, complete and precise system for washing and drying delicate fabrics: coats, formal dresses, dinner jackets, cashmere jumpers, dresses with embroidery or sequins, stage costumes and uniforms. A system that uses water and specific detergents for the treatment of knitwear and delicate fabrics: the natural-based cleaning agents, dosed and diluted appropriately during the washing process, give the garment its natural softness, structure and freshness, making even the subsequent drying phase simple and effective . The finishing operation closes the process, facilitated by the knit made docile to ironing. 

The benefits of gentle treatment

Ensures less stress of fiber
Precise dosing of fiber-protecting detergents
Stabilises colours
Reconstructs the shaping of the texture
Ensures antistatic finishing


The patented DWS system independently determines the reduction of resource consumption in relation to the real amount of laundry expressed in kg. The detergent dosage is automatically reduced if the Wavy control system directly controls the dosing pumps. The load ratio normally used in professional washing machines is 1:10, i.e. 1kg of laundry in 10dm3 of volume. Since delicate garments need more volume during the washing phase to avoid felting and excessive friction, our models offer the possibility of setting a lower load ratio (1:20, 1:45 or freely settable). This customisation affects the dosage of chemicals, which are automatically managed by the control system, so that the same concentration is always ensured regardless of the amount of garments in the machine. 


The Gentlewash® system proposes a wet cleaning method capable of treating the most delicate garments with a gentle touch while maintaining their specific properties, even after numerous cycles. We call it a system because it's based on the teamwork of a washing machine and dryer: two evolved tools at the disposal of the operators' professionalism. 
Gentlewash® redistributes the constituent factors of the washing action with special attention to time and chemical management. Small doses of mechanical action and thermal energy allow the chemical, in the right time, to act to the full, avoiding waste and safeguarding the environment. Washing management is fundamentally based on four closely linked factors : temperature, mechanical action, chemical action, time.
This is the well-known Sinner's diagram, which summarises the washing technology. Once, for example, we reduce temperature and mechanical action, we must increase time and chemicals to maintain the sum of factors unchanged. And here you can see the potential of the Wavy control system: it allows the full management of the entire parameters. 


The Wavy control system allows to manage the entire Sinner's diagram parameters, to set up a customised workflow, and activate the load weighing via the DWS (customisable cycle-by-cycle function) with load ratios different than the classic 1:10.
Moreover, all the washing parameters are manageable by the experienced user:
Drum rotation 
Amount of water in the tank
Water drainage 
Activation of chemicals
Each parameter can be modified even while the cycle is in progress, meaning that the expert user, once the washing process has started, can modify all the parameters to meet specific needs. Versatility, is the keyword that summarises Wavy features, and which can also be seen remotely: with the Wi-Fi and the connection to TheMind.cloud it is possible to customise, and send to the machine, the washing cycles, so that they are always up-to-date, efficient and performing. 

the drying phase

There is a fine line between achieving a good result and compromising not only the entire process, but also the quality of the garment. This margin, which separates the garment that is still wet from the one that is too dry, is the goal of the professional drum-drying process. When the garment is inside the dryer, the buffer function performed by water, during the washing, disappears. Instead we have hot, dry air with all its drying power. The line between dry and arid is very thin and, once crossed, leads to irreparable consequences such as friction between fibres, felting and shrinkage of the garments. 
There are some potentially dangerous factors for the fiber that the Wavy control system  and GD dryers manage automatically, preventing undesirable effects. The right preparation for the drying phase begins, however, even before the selection of the cycle: the additives loaded in the various washing and rinsing phases also contribute to the optimal preparation of the fibre for the drying phase. Professional drying is a process that takes care of the textile fibres while removing water from the fabric. To achieve flawless results, however, a simple control of temperature, time and drum rotation is not enough. What is needed is synergy and correlation in the management of the drying parameters. No longer a countdown, therefore, but phases of a process that are self-regulating in terms of intensity and duration, depending on the moisture content of the fabrics. 


The fabric during the drying phase changes specifications and characteristics from the time it is loaded into the machine to the end of the process. Here is a graphic scheme of what happens to the garments: it's pretty clear that, in order to keep the fiber intact, there are many different parameters at stake with non-negligible variations. This is why we need a drying diagram that adjusts itself according to the stage of the cycle. A simple countdown to a set temperature cannot meet the specific needs of delicate garments. 
Drying diagram Gentlewash

the finishing phase

The process of professional treatment of delicate fabrics ends with the finishing phase that gives garments the final touch: whether it's a complete ironing process, a fast finishing touch with the press or the steaming, we have the right tool for you. The range of finishing products, indeed, is quite complete and consists of professional suction, blowing or steaming ironing tables, presses equipped with different sizes of tables, dummies and toppers, steam and ozone generators, irons and portable steamers.
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