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Laundry equipment manufacturing company

Professional textile treatment since 1972

We have been operating in thelaundry industry for 50 years dealing with the production of machines and equipment for water washing,drying, ironing and general laundry treatment. All our products-from professional equipment for small self-service laundries to large industrial equipment-are characterized by maximum reliability, high quality, durability, low consumption and low maintenance costs.

Production of fabric treatment machine

Sustainable and reliable laundry machines

Within a district of excellence for mechanical machining, we have been able to take advantage of the high specialization and professionalism achieved by some local companies, assigning them the production of some of the components but managing directly R&D, design, assembly and quality control. Since our foundation, we have always paid great attention to innovation, design,ergonomics and maximum energy efficiency.

Grandimpianti: laundry industry

Our History

The adventure in professional laundry began.
Here comes the electromechanical laundry timer.
The innovative skinplate enters the laundry industry.
The new ironing machines with anodised extruded aluminium plate are born.
Inclusion of an electronic temperature control board in the ironers, the first in the market.
CE (electronic control) replaces the traditional washing machine timer.
Development of G900 keyboard-programmable laundry control.
DWS (Dynamic Weighing System) is born. Development of G400,G400M and G400DRY controls.
Invention of the drying diagram.
GUIDO, G4-Wiz and G-Wiz controls come to the market.
Green Excellence Award
Reddot Design Award.
Wavy and IOT enter the world of laundry.
Wavy the new user-friendly interface wins the Smart Lable and Reddot awards.
ISO 45001 certification on occupational health and safety management systems.
Laundry machine manufacturing company Belluno

ready to work in every area of the globe

From the Ho.re.ca sector to the self-service, from industrial laundries to the hospital sector to the cruise ships or mining plants, our machines are developed to respond effectively to the needs of a large and complex market. Our natural ability to relate positively to many different international activities is also evident in our equipment: our products are developed to adapt to every context, sector and geographical area. That's why they have national and international approvals .

Mobile laundries

Medium or long term construction sites, militarised areas, car washes, service areas, field hospitals: they are all equipped with professional washing and drying machines that are effective, reliable and easy to use. Low consumption machines that guarantee excellent results and require only electricity and water.

Mining sector

We provide the best solutions to meet the needs of mining fields, which typically require durable and reliable equipment. Safe, sustainable and easy-to-use machines that maximise results while optimising the resources.

Oil sector

Oil rigs and off-shore platforms require professional high-performance machines with minimum noise and low energy and water consumption. Tough machines capable of washing and drying very dirty overalls, day after day.

Maritime sector

Thanks to our patented DWS (Dynamic Weighing System), our washing machines are ideal for the maritime sector because they only consume the fresh water and detergents strictly necessary with no waste. They also guarantee the highest standards of efficiency, safety and effectiveness.

Food sector

The food sector, especially the dairy industry, requires specific and effective processes for the cleaning and hygiene of sheets, workers' uniforms and aprons. That's why we offer programmable control systems, machines that are highly reliable but also intuitive, because they must be used by less experienced employees.

Hospitality sector

Automated and intelligent machines, which can also be used by non-specialised users, guarantee the perfect cleaning and hygiene of textiles (napkins, tablecloths, sheets and towels) in hotels, resorts and B&Bs without waste or additional costs.

Communal laundries

A communal laundry requires equipment that is easy to use, safe, durable and, above all, automatic. Washing machines and dryers with a highly intuitive control panel and high quality materials that require minimal maintenance.

Knitwear and textile companies

Dealing with knitwear is an extremely delicate matter that requires a specific professional system for washing and drying it: Gentlewash®. Our system ensures less stress on the fibres, precise detergent dosage, colour stabilisation, antistatic finish, shaping and weft recomposition.

Professional laundries

Efficient, versatile machines, easy to use even by less experienced users, that ensure optimal cleaning and hygiene results together with a 'soft' touch on delicate garments (Gentlewash®), is our answer to the needs of professional laundries.

Nursing homes

Nursing homes and communities must be able to rely on flexible, durable machines that are effective against the proliferation of germs, viruses, bacteria and dust particles (e.g. Ozone Ready equipment). Low consumption solutions designed specifically for cleaning and disinfecting large quantities of linen and textiles.

Catering and restaurants

In restaurants, canteens or catering services, it's crucial to ensure the perfect cleanliness and hygiene of uniforms, napkins and tablecloths. That's why we offer automated and intelligent machines, which enable cleaning management even by non-specialised users and always guarantee excellent results.

Pharmaceutical sector

Some bacteria and viruses cannot be removed by traditional washing. This is why the pharmaceutical sector needs specific solutions that guarantee efficiency, ease of use, traceability and reliability, all guaranteed by intelligent machines and control systems like ours.

Hospital sector

Hospitals and clinics require compliance with a specific, traceable system (RABC - UNI EN 14065). Grandimpianti offers a comprehensive solution that completely changes the way the laundry area and staff are managed, ensuring cleanliness, safety and hygiene.

Industrial laundries

Since it has to handle a huge amount of laundry varying in the level of soiling and types of fabric, an industrial laundry needs machines that are reliable, programmable, versatile, but also simple, because they have to be used even by less experienced employees.


A self-service laundry needs durable, safe, easy-to-use and fully autonomous equipment. Washing machines and dryers with an extremely intuitive and efficient control panel as well as a durable and reliable construction. Like Wavy.

Sustainable and certified equipment

Our company constantly researches and develops solutions that guarantee product reliability over time, attention to customers needs, innovation  and environmental sustainability . All our production is oriented towards eco-design: we produce durable, high-performance equipment that guarantees a longer life-cycle and less impact on the environment. We have selected strategic suppliers close to our headquarter to minimise pollution due to transport, and our washing machines are tested with recycled rainwater. We have achieved UNI EN ISO 14001 environmental certification and the ISO9001 quality mark. We are also a member of the National Association of Suppliers of Textile Maintenance Companies.

Ali group

High-end artisan in a dynamic, global group

Since 1999 Grandimpianti I.L.E. has been part of the Ali Spa Group, a world leader in the professional catering sector that designs and sells equipment for different sectors such as bakeries, supermarkets, canteens, airports, schools and hospitality facilities. A group that places particular importance on innovation and it is characterised by companies with a strong autonomy that are leaders in their markets. The Ali world, therefore, is an inspiring, international and reliable environment of excellence with over 10,000 employees, 77 brands and 58 production facilities worldwide. Our company is the only one in the group operating in the laundry industry.

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