Heavy-duty Washing Machines

GWM / GWN Wavy: even smarter

GWM GWN heavy-duty washing machines Wavy

Innovation 4.0 in the washing systems

The revolutionary GWM/GWN Wavy medium and low spin speed washing machines combine aesthetics and efficiency, new trends and technology: the LCD display is vertical and with touch controls, the new glossy frontals are inspired by the hi-tech, and Wavy, the innovative control systemis interactive, step-by-step, intuitive and always connected, thanks to TheMind.cloud service. Completely renewed in design and user interface, the new heavy-duty washing machines retain their mechanical, functional and performance qualities.

Recyclable and eco-friendly washing machines

The patented DWS dynamic weighing system saves up to 50% of resources by optimising energy, water and detergent consumption based on the real amount of laundry loaded: DWS is able to reduce waste and environmental impact. The Wavy GWM/GWN range also guarantees 96% of recyclability so that it can be defined aseco-friendly appliances.Our washing machines, thanks to careful design and material selection, respect the environment from A to Z: from production to packaging, from transport to 'life cycle' and final disposal.

Professional textile hygiene and cleaning

Ergonomically positioned and equipped with a dual inlet for cold or hot water, the 4-compartment dispenser can be used with both powder and liquid detergents: the correct water flow according to the set washing temperature is always guaranteed. In this version there is also a set-up fot the conncection to 13-pumps for liquid detergent and the three water inlets (hot, cold fresh and hard) which are mixed autonomously and automatically according to the program selected. These innovative machines are, of course, equipped with a MIXER that mixes water and detergents before they come into contact with the garments, preventing damage or discolouration. Finally, to ensure quick and easy maintenance, the motorised drain valve with a diameter of 3" (76 mm) is positioned at the front of the equipment and directly under the tank: this means there is no need to install a long, bulky pipe avoiding the risk of water and detergents sediments.

Rigid washing machine frame detail
Washing machine detergent dispenser

Safe washing at every stage

This machines are equipped with dual safety systems and redundant alarm circuits, as in the airplains, including the porthole lock, which is fitted with a safety system that keeps it closed and locked until the basket rotation ended. Inside the equipment, all the control circuits are low voltage (24Vac): no problems due to voltage fluctuations (the mains network is different worldwide) and no risk of electric shock during maintenance. Finally, all our machines are equipped with a main switch and fuses on board the machine, this means saving time and money during installation.

Innovation has a name and it's WAVY!

Wavy control system is a new easy-to-use, interactive, touchscreen user interface that provides information for programming and monitoring our machines remotely. Inspired by the high-tech world, Wavy  exploits the potential of the app language to make everyday work in the laundry easier and faster. The access is hierarchical (basic, intermediate, professional or technical users) and the procedures are simple and step-by-step: this control system speaks the same language of the operators and adapts itself to their level of experience.

Display Wavy

Thanks to the TheMind.cloud service, then, the equipment is always up-to-date and everything is under control: know-how, processes and diagrams, machine functional parameters (e.g. type and number of cycles executed, consumption data, hours of operation, cycle traceability, proceeds, etc.), diagnostics, non-fiscal accounting and cost management (cost per cycle, water, detergent, etc.) up to the remote assistance service. Basically, everything is always just a click away.

areas of application

GWM and GWN washing machines are ready to work in different environments, sectors and geographical areas.
Mobile laundries
Mining sector
Oil sector
Maritime sector
Food sector
Hospitality sector
Communal laundries
Knitwear and textile companies
Professional laundries
Nursing homes
Catering and restaurants
Pharmaceutical sector
Hospital sector
Industrial laundries
Control system Wavy

Wavy Control System

Managing, programming and consulting is as easy as on a smartphone.

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