Wavy control system

User interface 4.0

Much more than a simple 7" vertical display, Wavy it's an advanced control system, available in 36 languages and characterised by a step-by-step user experience. The simple and intuitive icon-based interface allows  a complete machine management, while the native Wi-Fi enables the potential of Industry 4.0 by receiving programs, cycles and settings remotely and also sending information on machine operation and status. Thanks to the constant dialogue between the Wavy control system and TheMind.cloud platform, laundry activities are even more efficient.

What you can do with Wavy

Creating different user login
Gentlewash treatment of delicate garments
Displaying events and alarms
Tracking processes, operators and batches
Programming cycles, setting temperature and duration, changing prices
Creating/customising phases and cycles
Consulting the manual on the machine using Wavy like an e-reader
Saving data via USB (always available as standard) or sending them via Wi-Fi

Types of Users

Wash&Go - Wash&Go free
This type of user can only choose from pre-set programs according to the type of laundry loaded. The procedure is simple and completely visual: using icons the interface allows the user to select the type of laundry (jeans, dark garments, delicates, whites, wool, etc.) and, before starting, the method of payment. The progress of the cycle is visible on the display and the user only has to worry about picking up the laundry at the end.
Wash&Go Plus
Likewise to the previous one, except for the selection of the payment method (not available), this user can choose, in a few clicks, only the type of laundry that needs to be washed or dryed. Our machine will handle everything else.
Equipped with greater knowledge of the cleaning process, the intermediate user is able to make some changes to the preset programmes, such as increasing the temperature, removing the pre-wash, setting fast forward, but it doesn't have the necessary authorization to create new washing or drying programs.
The professional user, with in-depth knowledge of the laundry sector, has free access to all the parameters and, therefore, a complete control of the equipment. This user can modify or create new programs for specific needs (type of fabric, water, detergents, etc.), but also view the machine's operating history (cycles performed, duration, consumption, receipts, etc.).
Since this type of user is usually a maintenance technician or a dealer, with in-depth experience and knowledge of our machines, he has all-round access. He can, therefore, modify operating parameters , access to the archive, consumption data and, above all, the datalog.

The Benefits

Simplicity and immediacy of use, thanks to icon-based graphics. Adaptability to the user's skills
Total control and traceability of batches and operators that means a significantly low probability of human error
Certified processes in compliance with regulations (e.g. HACCP) thanks to the tracking of the different washing steps (including temperatures)
Maximum flexibility in monitoring, programming, maintenance and usage thanks to 5 different level of access
Say goodbye to instruction manuals and lengthy procedures for setting the machine parameters. Every step is simple and clear with Wavy. Choosing the type of detergent or temperature is possible by simply clicking on an icon
The 7-inch display is vertical, just like a smartphone: we know that users usually interact with this type of device. Not only that. The screen is made of tempered glass (not a plastic film)

Enter Industry 4.0 with Wavy & TheMind

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