GI Ironers

Smaller footprint, greater efficiency


Designed around the roller and the basin, the new GI (Grandimpianti Ironers) ironers, with their innovative MCTS (Multipoint Contact Thrust System) and PLS (Pull-wire Lifting System), offer improved ironing results, increased productivity and optimized work space.
New GI roller ironers smaller footprint


For the same cylinder length, the new GI ironers offer the 20 percent smaller footprint.
you will have greater freedom of
movement in work spaces
small labs will be able to
increase productivity
leaning them against the wall you can make the most of the space


We have introduced new roller diameters and now you can also choose the 28 cm or 34 cm version. With the same machine size, therefore, you will not only be able to iron much faster, but you will also have a larger ironing surface: up to 46 cm arc of contact between roller and basin.
New stretcher roller diameters
Ironing basin with MCTS system


The new Multipoint Contact Thrust System (MCTS), by increasing the number of thrust points along the entire length of the ironing basin (with variations in the number depending on the size of the plate) ensures excellent ironing performance in every part of the machine. The presence, then, of a control that adjusts the thrust intensity allows the operator great ironing flexibility.
The ability to adjust temperature, roller rotation speed, and plate thrust ensures,
not only excellent ironing quality, but also great versatility of use, reliability of performance over time, and uniformity in the life of the entire machine.
The ironing thrust can be adjusted to achieve the optimal result with any type of fabric and thickness.
The new MCTS system allows large fabrics to be ironed while achieving a uniform result across the entire ironing surface.
Ironing plate thrust adjustment


The heating elements are placed inside the ironing plate (heat is generated from the center) and arranged asymmetrically: 66% of the heat is concentrated in the initial part, where the plate undergoes the greatest thermal shock (the laundry is cold and wet), and the remaining 33% at the exit of the laundry. This ensures temperature uniformity over the entire surface ensuring outstanding performance.


There are four coatings of our rollers: 1 basic, 2 basic plus, 3 intermediate (coming soon) and 4 advanced (coming soon).
The former, available for versions without suction, allows ironing garments with up to 15 percent residual moisture and features a triple layer of steel wool, one of cotton felt, and a cotton end coating.
The latter, allows ironing garments with up to 15 percent residual moisture and is equipped with a triple layer of steel wool, one of cotton felt, and a final coating of aramid cloth. For versions without suction.
The intermediate one, covered with a double layer of steel wool, one of cotton felt, and a final aramid cover, is perforated and connected to the vacuum system and allows ironing laundry with up to 20-25% humidity.
Finally, the advanced roller, is ideal for treating laundry with up to 40-45% moisture, is perforated and connected to the vacuum system, equipped with a special moving plate structure (MAXPRESS®) ensures maximum breathability and requires only an aramid cover.

speed under control

Depending on the conditions of the fabric, it is possible to adjust the speed of rotation of the roller so as to obtain excellent ironing performance. In the larger models (28 and 34 cm roller diameter) the speeds range from 1.5 to 6 meters/minute: a lower rotation is necessary when treating particularly wrinkled fabrics to achieve, in a single pass, a perfect ironing result.

ergonomics & practicality

Every detail of the new GI ironers is designed to provide the most comfortable working position for the operator. Such as the innovative Adjustable Infeed Plate (AIP), the wooden linen introduction board, which can be adjusted to various angles, preventing overheating and any electrostatic charge as well as ensuring maximum comfort.
G-Wise touch control in the center of the machine for convenient and immediate access to controls
Enlarged roller surface for easier introduction of fabrics due to its pulling function
FOX side control for one-handed operation of controls
Wooden axle adjustable in various angles according to the operator's height to ensure maximum comfort


Making laundry work less burdensome also means avoiding unnecessary downtime, reducing component wear and tear, and significantly limiting maintenance work. For this reason in our equipment:
Easy maintenance movable basin ironers
4 Removable panels for maintenance
All parts of the machine are accessible by removing only 4 panels.
Zero exposed systems and components
There are no systems and components exposed to mechanical wear and tear (no gas, mechanical, or air springs).
Maintenance with a single type of screwdriver
Only one type of screwdriver is needed to remove the panels.
Simplified ironing basin disassembly
The basin can be easily disassembled by unhooking it for extraordinary interventions.
Easily accessible control of safety thermostats
The control of the safety thermostats is easily accessible for reset.


Excellent performance requires maximum reliability and safety, which is why we have developed the new Automatic Thermal Protection System (ATPS) that can automatically move the ironing basin away from the garments in the event of a breakdown or power failure.
Ironing Conca with Automatic Thermal Protection System (ATPS)
GI ironers, moreover, are equipped with a finger-guard band cooling system, Finger-guard Cooling System (FCS), and 2 temperature sensors that, in case of overheating detected by the electronic board, takes action by turning off the heating system. A dual heating activation system, then, with two contactors, ensures that in case of failure the machine is always safe.
Cooling system of the loss-saving band

Professional ironers gi

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