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GD Wavy VS GDZ G-Wiz: a metter of mindset

While the mechanical-structural characteristics of these two versions are almost the same, what separate them is the control system, i.e. the mind that runs the equipment. All those businesses that do not require special programmes or advanced functions can opt for the entry-level GDZ G-Wiz dryers. On the other hand, those who are looking for maximum flexibility and the possibility of exploiting the potential of the Industry 4.0, the GD Wavy dryer is the ideal tool to take laundry work to another level.
Display Wavy drying


Management, monitoring, tracking: these are just some of the strengths of our integrated system. The activity in the laundry is made more efficient thanks to batch tracking: client data, cycles, individual customer requirements, are filed, tracked and managed avoiding oversights or impromptu solutions (e.g. post-it notes stuck on machine panels). Operator tracking, on the other hand, records the activity of any users reducing the chance of mistakes. Lastly, the control of multiple drying parameters allows to treat even the most delicate garments, wisely modulating duration, temperature and drum rotation speed according to the type of fabric loaded.
GD  Wavy professional dryer


Since the linen inside the tumble dryer endures a radical transformation, rapidly passing from very heavy and damp to lightweight and voluminous, it's crucial being able to rely on a dynamic, professional and qualified system such as our drying diagram which ensures:
High evaporation capacity
No friction between fibres
Zero felting
No shrinkage of clothes
Just dry and softness
The installation of the tumble dryer drum inside a tank insulated with 25mm of ceramic fibre, the presence of a exclusive air preheating path that simultaneously cools the engine, the use of 92% recyclable materials (e.g. skinplate) and the adoption of a drying diagram instead of the classic countdown, allow us to:
Reduce energy consumption by modulating cycle intensity and duration
Reduce the time and energy required to bring the air to the established temperature
Minimising heat loss and waste
Reducing the environmental impact of the machine also in its final chapter
Exploiting the full potential of airflow
Insulated dryer tank
Ergonomic dryers


Ensuring flawless results requires a holistic view of the drying process which also includes the ergonomic aspect: working in a beautiful, healthy and functional environment simplifies and speeds up daily tasks while improving the performance. That's why we have carefully studied every detail:
55db of noise during drying phase
Cold external panel (no dispersion) even at highest temperature
Porthole at 700-830 mm from the floor to allow the direct approach with the trolley
Easy and frontal access to the lint filter system
Door opening up to 180° (reversible opening on request) to allow the placement of the trolley
Contemporary design with polished frontals and rounded corners: same look as the washing machines
Porthole diameter of 612 mm for an easier and faster loading and unloading of linen
Operator-facing display made of easy-to-clean tempered glass
Making the job in the laundry less burdensome also means avoiding unnecessary interventions - such as false alarms or malfunctions (e.g. the opening of the inspection panel) - reducing component wear and filter clogging, and significantly limiting maintenance work. For this reason in our professional dryers:
We only use high-quality, long-lasting materials
We installed a magnetic sensor in the inspection panel of the lint filter
The drive system does not have rollers, but cast-iron bearings
We use a double flame ignition system (gas version)
Ergonomic professional tumble dryers


The GD and GDZ professional dryers are available with gas, electric or steam heating, in order to meet the different need of the market with the highest versatility. Three different heating systems that, alongside excellent drying performance, ensure low environmental impact and reduced energy consumption.
Gas, electric, steam dryer
Two-stage electric dryers


- Easy and cost-effective installation
- Small facilities
- Aboard installation
Gas-heated dryers


- Speed, performance and efficiency
- Big facilities
- Self-service installations
Steam dryers


- Thermal stability, minimum maintenance
- Industrial installations
In 2008 we replaced, first in the market, the classic countdown timer with a drying diagram which, thanks to two temperature probes, regulates temperature, drum rotation speed (with the optional inverter) and cycle duration according to changes in the weight of the laundry and the moisture level of the fabrics.
The special self-supporting drum, with moulded and shaped bottom, prevents heat loss
The powerful fan ensures fast, smooth and quiet air outflow
Drum speed control system (from 20 to 60 rpm - via optional inverter technology on the whole range)
Standard reverse drum rotation
Grandimpianti dryer air flow
Detail of dryer porthole


Excellent performance requires maximum reliability and safety: that is why our dryers are equipped with several control sensors, all connected to a low-voltage electrical circuit (24Vac). Safety pressure switch, magnetic drum rotation sensor, double control in the door opening/closing device, set of safety thermostats and flame detection system in the burner (gas models) work in synergy to ensure:
The user protection from possible accidents and health damage at the workplace
No risk of overheating of air, fabrics or machine
The proper functioning of the equipment in every environments, conditions and circumstances
A healthy environment without risk of electromagnetic pollution or unburnt gas emissions
No electromagnetic interference with nearby equipment
The protection of components from abnormal absorption and voltage surges


Reliability, safety and high performance are the result of long and careful design and material selection. Nothing is left to chance and every choice, from the type of gaskets to the shape of the drum, aims to ensures maximum efficiency, quality and durability of the equipment. Such as:
EPDM® rubber for the gaskets of tank, porthole and inspection filter's door
Long-lasting door hinges: up to 1 million openings/closings
Aluminised drum and galvanised sheet metal tank
Lint filtering system made of stainless steel mesh
Dryer construction details
Professional rotary dryer structure
25 mm ceramic fibre thermal insulation with external aluminium film
Anti-clogging INCOLOY® steel heating elements (electric version)
Double seat of long life cast-iron bearings (over than 12,000 drying cycles)
Strong titanium burner which resist to high temperatures and bad combustion (gas version)
Galvanised sheet metal frame with half-carrying skinplate panels. Steel panels on request

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