Installation of professional laundries in nursign homes during the Covid-19 emergency

Care facilities for the elderly have always required high standards of hygiene and safety: they are sensitive environments, and even more so today at a time when they are extremely critical from a health point of view.

Grandimpianti has been in the business of manufacturing and supplying solutions for the professional laundry sector since 1972: we are well aware, therefore, of the challenge in terms of hygiene and safety that theSARS-CoV-2 emergency represents, especially in the context of residences for the elderly, but not only.

As we get older, our bodies become more vulnerable, our immune system weakens and we gradually lose the ability to respond to virus attacks. It is easy to see how thelaundry area today is vital to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Being able to eliminate the micro-organisms present on the linen of RSA guests, therefore, makes it possible to reduce potential risks and protect their health and that of the operators. Reliable and fast times can really make a difference.

What can happen in a room filled for hours with soiled clothes and flat linen?

In-house laundry: what advantages?

Keeping the laundry service in -house offers countless advantages:

  • Timeliness in handling dirty laundry
  • Maximum control over the entire process
  • Customised and superior results

If you then choose to rely on Grandimpianti's professionalism, the advantages increase.

A laundry, equipped with washing machines and dryers Wavy connected via Wi-Fi to TheMind.cloud service, ensures:

  • Remote management: servicing, machine set-up, creation and updating of programmes and cycles do not require the presence of external technicians and operators in the facility. This means significantly reducing the risk of virus entry into the RSAs.
  • Cycle monitoring and process certification: the system keeps track of all the different washing and drying phases (including temperatures) ensuring high standards of safety and hygiene.
  • Up to 99.98% reduction of viruses and bacteria: all our washing machines are natively prepared to be equipped with the ozone dosing system, to date one of the most effective washing methods against bacteria, mould, viruses and fungi.
  • Tax advantages of IOT technologies: our washing machines and dryers Wavy are connected to the TheMind.cloud service and therefore qualify for the Industry 4.0 tax credit of 50 per cent of the investment.

From North to South, Italian RSAs choose Grandimpianti

From the province of Belluno to the province of Messina via Cremona, Bologna and Perugia: thanks to our dealers throughout Italy and in 76 other countries around the world, we are able to help care facilities for the elderly to expand, modernise or even create from scratch their internal laundry areas, managing not only the supply of equipment but also the design service.

Want to know more? Contact our sales department now.

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